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  1. Zorki 2-S is a 35mm film rangefinder camera made by KMZ and produced between 1955-60 with quantity 214.903 units. Зоркий 2-C = Zorki 2-S, Zorki means Sharp Sight. The Zorki 2-C has both flash synchronization and a self timer. It also has strap lugs on the body, something the Zorki C lacked..
  2. Zorki 2. The Zorki 2 has essentially the same camera design as the Zorki 1, albeit with self-timer and with strap lugs. The Zorki 2 was manufactured from 1954 to 1956 and 10,310 were produced making it one of the rarer Zorki. Shutter speeds: Z, 1/20, 1/30, 1/40, 1/50, 1/100, 1/200 and 1/500 of a sec
  3. Zorki 2-s with Industar-50 lens The first Zorki was the Zorki (called Zorki 1 by some for clarity, although it never had a number in the name), an exact copy of the 1932 Leica II rangefinder. It featured a 50mm f/3.5 Industar-22 lens , a collapsible lens which looked like the Leitz Elmar but was actually a copy of the Zeiss Tessar
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Find great deals on eBay for zorki 2 camera and zorki 1 camera. Shop with confidence PM1850 - Zorki-4 (type-4a) #67537597. PM1860. One of the latest versions with Zorki-4 markings in Cyrillic characters. Camera identical to the late versions of the 3rd group, but without strap lugs on body. Big finder's window yet. Single KMZ logotype on the rear plate. May be fitted with Industar-50 3.5/50 or Jupiter-8 2/50 lens The Zorki-5 is a 35mm film rangefinder Leica-derived camera, made by KMZ.It was produced from1958 to 1959 with quantity a 236501 units. The Zorki-5 is a less known Zorki model. Some collectors consider it (and its successor Zorki-6) one of the best Zorki ever made.The Zorki-5 evolved from the Zorki-2S : but with a longer rangefinder base, an advance lever instead of knob, and a combined.

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ZORKI 2C The Zorki 2C has both flash synchronization and a self timer. It also has lug straps on the body, something the Zorki C lacked. 214,903 2Cs were produced. The 2C was made from 1955 to 1960. This camera was made in 1959 and is in virtually new condition ZORKI 2 The Zorki 2 isthe last of the true KMZ Leica copies. It boasts a self-timer and a different shutter speed dial that seems to be more quiet than the earlier cameras. It also has lugs on the body to attach a strap so the camera can be carried without its heavy leather, neverready case.The Zorki 2. The Zorki 2 ran in parallel with the Zorki 3 introduced in 1951, which had an updated design based on the Leica III. Where it outpaced Leica was that it included a consolidated viewfinder and rangefinder window. It usually came with a Jupiter 8 lens, a Zeiss Sonnar design 50mm lens with a f/2 maximum aperture The Zorki 6 is a rangefinder camera produced by the Russian factory KMZ (the makers of the Zenit SLR).. This is the sixth camera of course in the produced Zorki lineup, and the last unique model to be created. The Zorki 4K, produced after the 6, is a modification of the 4.The Zorki 6 is nearly identical to the Zorki 5, in terms of size.. The Zorki-6 is the only Soviet Leica-based rangefinder. Speaking of the FED rangefinders, if you're familiar, the Zorki 6 feels kind of like a FED 2 with a FED 3 style wind lever. At any rate, it's a handsome camera that's hard not to love, and if you don't mind the lack of slow speeds it's likely to become a favorite shooter as it has for many others who don't want to admit they have a FED 5 in their arsenal

Zorki 4K | Jupiter-12 35mm f/2.8 | Kentmere 400 @3200 | Rodinal stand All in all I was pretty happy with my Zorki learning experience. It was of course a bit like learning to drive a tank when you plan on buying a Porsche, but after I got my head around a couple of more or less broken Zorkis, switching to a real Leica in pristine condition was a buttery smooth transition Zorki-4 is a 35 mm rangefinder camera, manufactured by Krasnogorsky Mekhanichesky Zavod , (Красногорский механический завод = Mechanical Factory of Krasnogorsk), near Moscow, former USSR and produced between 1956-73, quantity 1715677.ЗОРКИЙ = Zorkiy, means Sharp Sight. Zorki-4 was possibly the most popular of all Zorki cameras PM2210 - Zorki-10 #6521003. PM2215. Camera identical to PM2210, but with export markings on the top plate already. An additional MADE IN USSR markings on the side-plate. Released in 1964-1967. PM2220. Very uncommon to find early version of Zorki-10 camera. Identical to PM2210, but with 2 additional screws added on both side-plates The Zorki 2 already marked an independend way of thinking. The Zorki from Jena became a symbol of Soviet photographical history. And due to it's interesting and intriguing history, an indispensible must have in every collection of Soviet cameras

Zorki. The Zorki, specifically the 4K model, is my favorite Russian camera. It's classic design and apparently great reliability make it a winner in my book. Zorki cameras were also produced by KMZ and were initially direct copies of the Leica II, due to the World War II situations I discussed earlier The Zorki 4 came in 2 variants the original which uses a thumb wheel to advance to film and cock the shutter. The Zorki 4k included a wind lever for easier operation. Operation. As with other Soviet-era rangefinders, the shutter speed selector rotates when the shutter is released, and should not be changed until after the shutter has been cocked Meanwhile, Zorki 4 and Zorki 4K are the only 2 which equipped the 1/1000 s shutter speed amongst the entire product line of the Zorki LTM rangefinder camera. Others only come with 1/500 s of the fastest shutter speed. Most of the Soviet cameras faced the issue of quality control 2. The Camera The Zorki-4 is a 35mm, coupled rangefinder camera for interchangeable lenses. It uses the M39 Leica Thread Mount (LTM). It has a horizontal focal plane cloth shutter and shutter speeds ranging from 1 to 1/1000 seconds and B. It has a diopter adjustment at the viewfinder. It has no light meter and therefore does not need a battery.

ZORKI A-B transition - This camera was equipped with a collapsible ZK 50mm f2 lens-the same lens found on the Kiev but in a different mount.There also may have been some with a f1.5 ZK lens. There weren't many of these cameras made. All appear to have been made in 1948 or 1949 Zorki ( Зоркий, meaning sharp-sighted) is one of the most widely known Soviet photo brands. It was one of two USSR efforts to produce rangefinder cameras derived from the Leica design. During WW2, The Soviet camera factory FED was evacuated to escape advancing German troops. After the war, FED had troubles resuming production of their FED-branded rangefinder camera, (a copy of the pre.

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The Zorki 2 has essentially the same cameradesign as the Zorki 1 albeit with self-timer and with straplugs. It was only made in two years, 1955 and 1956. It is based on the Leica rangefinder. Only 10.800 have been produced Зоркий 2 с обьективом индустар 22 1:3.5/50м

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Camera identical to the Zorki-5, but with hinged back for easy film loading and self timer. As in the Zorki-5 a lot of the features on this camera were incorporated into the Zenit SLR [2]. Produced: 1958-1966 Name: Зоркий-6 Producer: KMZ Frame size: 24x36 Lens: Industar-50 3.5/50. Shutter: 1/30s, 1/60s, 1/125s, 1/250s, 1/500s + B ZORKI 2 KMZ # 554296 good condition . Sign in to check out Check out as guest . Add to cart . Add to Watchlist Unwatch. 1-year protection plan from SquareTrade - $19.99 1-year protection plan from SquareTrade - $19.99 Opens an information Overlay. Longtime member. Shipping: $30.00.

Zorki 2-C Kamera Objektiv INDUSTAR-50 1:3,5 3,5/50 50mm Zorki-2C made in USSR. EUR 54,90 +EUR 35,00 Versand. Preisvorschlag senden - Zorki 2-C Kamera Objektiv INDUSTAR-50 1:3,5 3,5/50 50mm Zorki-2C made in USSR. Zorki Leica F Nachbau mit3,5/50 mm M39 Kamera # N 416198. EUR 79,0 This type of spindle was used by the FED-2 as well. Zorki on the other hand retained the Leica-style full-length spool spindles. They could accommodate most spools: FED, Leica or Zorki. Later Zorki spools were really loose, that they fall off easily Camera: Zorki 2 -c Trending Recent Popular. Languages. You're currently viewing this page in English. You can change your language preferences any time you like — just select your language from the dropdown list! Newsletter. Keep up to date with all. I found a Zorki 2C and it came with an Industar 61 52mm f/2.8 lens for $28 + $18 shipping. It arrived within a few weeks in excellent condition. On closer inspection, there were microscratches on the lens, which would definitely cause some loss of contrast Zorki 4 Classic Leica Style Soviet Rangefinder Camera + Jupiter f2 50mm + Case £59.99 Zorki-2C Camera Lens INDUSTAR-50 1:3,5 3,5/50 50mm Zorki 2-C Made in USS

We found 334+ Zorki deals from 3.2£ Save UP to 70% ⭐ Dealsan help you find the best price and money-saving offers Price Comparison and Review Film camera Photo ZORKI 4 Trunk Case JUPITER - 8 2/50 50mm lens MADE in USSR №2 . $49.00. Film camera Photo ZORKI Trunk Case INDUSTAR 22 P lens MADE in USSR №1. $93.00. Zorki-4 35mm Film Rangefinder Camera c/w Canon 50mm f/1.8 & 135mm f/3.5 Lens Kit. $399.92. Was: Previous Price $499.90 Shipping terms: International delivery may take 3-8 weeks. Delays are possible due to the post and customs formalities. And also with Covid-19.Coronavirus infection COVID-19 may cause mail delays. Since most airports are closed. Very rare camera. Vintage film camera ZORKI 2 Soviet/Russian 35m However, you are in for a minor shock the first time you take Zorki 11 in your hands, as it weighs a hefty 659 grams. The front houses a fixed 45mm f/2.8 Industar-63 lens surrounded by a large selenium cell and a PC-socket

Zorki (Russian: Зоркий, meaning sharp-sighted) is the name of a series of 35mm rangefinder cameras manufactured in the Soviet Union between 1948 and 1978 Zorki-1 is a 35mm rangefinder camera with M39 screw mount interchangeable lenses manufactured by the KMZ plant in Krasnogorsk, Moscow, USSR, between 1948-56. The first two digits of the serial number will tell you what year it was made. Зоркий = Zorki, means Sharp Sighted. Zorki cameras have their roots in the FED line of Leica copies. . During WW2, the Soviet camera factory FED was. Zorki - 4 Camera With Jupiter 8 Lens 2/50 untested , comes with case . Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class So, back to the Zorki 1b. Zorki means sharp sighted in Russian. There was no official designation of Zorki 1. This was a designation collectors later used to identify first models of the Zorki. Originally it was just called the Zorki. The first model to be identified with a number was the Zorki 2 ZORKI 4 + Industar 50-2 + custodia - FILM TESTED. Pre-Owned. EUR 63,00 +EUR 14,00 shipping. Vintage Zorki 4K Russian Camera with Rokker 1:4.5 75mm Lens. EUR 33,12. Time left 12h 59m left. 4 bids. From United Kingdom +EUR 13,64 shipping. Customs services and international tracking provided

ZORKI ZOPKUU-4 35MM CAMERA-----#2-----gc. $45.00. $18.76 shipping. or Best Offer. Watch. VINTAGE ZORKI C (K141) RANGEFINDER CAMERA 1955-58. $85.50. Was: Previous Price $95.00. $12.00 shipping. Watch. ZORKI ZOPKUU-4 35MM CAMERA-----gc. $45.00. $18.76 shipping. or Best Offer. Watch. Zenit-E Vintage. Recently, fellow blogger/photographer Mike Eckman sent me his three favorite Leica copies to compare to my originals. I introduced this four part blog last Tuesday and will pick up with the first Leica copy review today with Mike's Soviet-built Zorki-1c. Despite having nearly two decades to improve or just modify it, the 1951 Zorki-1c an Zorki 2‎ (1 F) Zorki 2S‎ (3 F) Zorki 3M‎ (3 F) Zorki 3S‎ (3 F) Zorki 4K‎ (5 F) Zorki 6‎ (13 F) Zorki accessories‎ (1 F) Zorki-Rapid‎ (2 F) Media in category Zorki cameras The following 5 files are in this category, out of 5 total Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone Shutter The Zorki 4 has a cloth focal plane shutter, based on the Leica's one but with a very important difference. Leica cameras had two different shutter speed dials: one for fast speeds (from 1/30 to 1/500) and one additional for slow speeds (from 1 sec to 1/20)

DIA ESPECIAL LLEGAMOS A 100 SUB / Jugando Al COD / Sorteo de una skin de FORTNITE / #SorteoFortnite - Duration: 48 minutes Mir is a cut down version of Zorki 4. Shutter speeds are limited between 1/30 - 1/500 and B. (Zorki 4 , 1sec - 1/1000 sec +B) Otherwise Mir has same features tha Zorki. It is even considered as more reliable and easier to use.This Mir has Jupiter-12 2,8/ 35mm wide angle lens Zorki Photo Cafe har lagt til en forsidevideo. 24. juni 2017 · Relaterte videoer. 1:08. Am cântat și strâns o mulțime de hainuțe și rechizite aseară, mulțumim! Zorki Photo Cafe. 603 visninger · 10. januar Zorki-6 is a Soviet long-range camera, produced by the Krasnogorsk Mechanical Plant from 1959 to 1966. Manufacturer of Krasnogorsky Mechanical Plant Year of manufacture 1959-1966 Type rangefinder camera Photographic film of type 135 Frame size 24 × 36 mm Type shutter curtain-slotted, with horizontal movement of fabric blinds The lens Industar-50 3.5 / 50 or Jupiter-8 2/50 Lens mount screw. Camera Zorki-2(C) (S) + Camera lens Industar-50Camera: Zorki-2 (C) (S) Type / Format: rangefinder, small-format, a film type 135, the frame size of 24x36 mm Year of manufacture / Country: 1958, USSR Serial number: 58157570 Variety: Group I, modification 1 Issue 2 Features: no additional labels, self-timer of a new design, knurled heads cocking the shutter and the back re-winding the film.

Category:Zorki 2. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Q4194003. Zorki 2-C by Nicodemus Roger 11 Zorki-1 by George Jones 130 18 Superb condition, close copy Leica IId. Operation wise all works with a silky smoothness. Previous owner claims it has been tested using a Jupiter-8 and Canon f/1.8 LTM also he dates this 1954 serial No 649253. Zorki 4 by Gianni.

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Zorki 2-s by Darrick daSilva Marchena The Zorki 4 was possibly the most popular of all Zorki cameras, with 1,715,677 cameras made by the KMZ factory in Krasnogorsk, Russia. The Zorki 4 was also the first of the Zorki cameras to be exported in large numbers to the west. It is a fully manual camera, and does not have a lightmeter ⭐ CLA'd ⭐ 1959! KMZ ZORKI-2C Russian USSR Leica Rangefinder 35mm Camera Body. £30.79. P&P: + £23.10 P&P . Zorki 4 Classic Leica Style Soviet Rangefinder Camera Excellent++ Zeiss Ikon Contax II 35mm Rangefinder Camera w/ Sonnar 5cm f/2 Lens. £307.18. P&P: + £32.34 P&P . Rangefinder ZORKI 4K camera with Jupiter 8, based on.

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Category:Zorki 2S. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Q4194005. English: Zorki 2-s camera with Industar-50 50mm f/2 lens. Русский: Фотокамера Зоркий 2-с с объективом Индустар-50. Date: 2 September 2011: Source: Own work: Author: Igors Jefimovs: Licensing . I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license 2: 3: Zorki 12: 0: Zorki 4S: 0: All photos are copyrighted and may not be used without permission from the photographer. These photos are are a guide to what these cameras are capable of, but may not fully represent the camera due to post-processing, scanning, or photographic technique Fed Zorki f. M39 35/2,8 Jupiter-12 black f. Leica; All orders within Austria we will ship without costs. For all orders over 500 EUR we offer free delivery worldwide (including full insurance and packing). This does not include items with high volume or weight, which are calculated after your order The Zorki is a series of 35mm rangefinder cameras that were made in the Soviet Union from 1948 and 1978. Since they were originally designed to be cheap Leica clones, it's not uncommon to find.

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Zorki Photo Cafe, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 6.2K likes. Ascultăm muzici faine, bem cafele scurte și cu efect, de obicei negre. Ne plac teatrul și fotografia dar și cărțile zorki 1,418 107,662 2,900 Germany My Photos My Albums My Articles My Likes. My Most Trending Photos. My Albums. Album: Agfa Optima Pocket 5000 // Lomography Tiger 200 - Mix shared by zorki on 2020-07-11 · 21 Photos 10 819; Album: Polaroid SX70 // Impossible Film - Pola Mix shared.

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The Camera Collection: Yashica FX-2Zorki-4 shutter action - YouTubeMPP Microcord II TLR, with 77Reid III 35mm CRF camera body, British Leica, excellent50 Vintage Cameras: A Buyer’s Guide For PhotographersThe Jupiter-8 50 mm f/ 2 LensMy Cameras Collection Page: Praktica MatT-Bird '55 | Dashboard of a 1955 Ford Thunderbirdsony DSC-WX1 into classic leica II DIY (film camera
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