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Bestill nå og spar opptil 30%! Alltid lave priser med norwegian Norwegian Police Emigration Records (1867 - 1973). The mass emigration from Norway started about 1865-66, after the Civil War was over. Several ship-owners saw the opportunity to earn good money by transporting emigrants to America Emigration and immigration sources list the names of people leaving (emigrating) or coming into (immigrating) a country. Norwegian emigration records can be a useful source of genealogical information. They are usually found as passenger lists. There are also some records of passports issued. The information in these records includes the emigrants' names, ages, occupations, destinations, and.

The digitised Norwegian Records of Emigrants from 1867-1930 kept at the police headquarters in the major coastal towns are also popular sources for genealogists. Through its Digital Inn section, the Digital Archives allow individuals, groups and institutions to make transcribed source material of various types searchable on the internet by means of the Digital Archives' search system An article describing how, and where, to look for passenger information about Norwegian emigrants 1: Emigration Records - Sources - Timeline 2: Canadian Records (1865-1935) 3: Canadian Immigration Records Database 4: US arrivals - Customs Passenger Lists 5: Port of New York Passenger Records 6: Norwegian Emigration Records The records also display how much the emigrant paid for the voyage plus some other administrative information. Please note that the records vary over time and from the different ports. Norwegian police emigration list that have survived in the Norwegian National archive Statsarkiv Records in Amsterdam show that there were 150 Norwegian men to every 100 Norwegian women. Men who had completed their service for one of the companies and made money were no doubt a good match. As mentioned, the records show that 12 000 Norwegians got married in Amsterdam; it was therefore not only financial happiness that many Norwegians sought in the Netherlands

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  1. ates Norwegian emigration and immigration history. The Norwegian Emigration Center was established in 1986 to help the descendants of Norwegians abroad to find their Norwegian roots - exactly 150 years after the brigantine North and The Norwegian rock left Stavanger headed to America, with a total of 167 emigrants on board
  2. Tracing your lineage is a fun and rewarding challenge that requires some basic knowledge of past centuries. The following information from the National Library of Norway, the National Archives of Norway and Slekt og Data, the largest genealogy association in Norway, will walk you through the available resources and how to get the most out of them
  3. The Digital Archives (Norwegian: DigitalArkivet) is the online publishing part of the National Archives of Norway (Norwegian: Riksarkivet).It is a vast collection offering millions of free, digitized records from all parts of Norway. The Digital Archives collections include census records, church books/parish registers, birth records, baptism records, marriage records, death records, burial.
  4. The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration. The UDI is responsible for processing applications from foreign nationals who wish to visit or live in Norway, the running of asylum reception centres and expulsion cases
  5. The Digital Archives (Digitalarkivet) is the Norwegian National Archives' publishing platform for archive material. Digitalarkivet is free of charge and available to all

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  1. Exploring Norwegian Emigration Records: Finding Place of Origin Presenter: Liv H. Anderson This class teaches how to find the place of origin for people who emigrated from Norway before 1867 This class was not recorded but the handout is availabl
  2. Norwegian immigration's Mayflower moment came in 1825, during a period of particularly fierce religious strife in Norway. In July of that year, a group of six dissenting families, seeking a haven from the official Norwegian state church, set sail from Stavanger in an undersized sloop, the Restaurationen
  3. Norwegian Emigration to USA 175 year, 1825-2000 - Emigrants Lists, Migration Records - The information gathered here can help you trace your Norwegian ancestors. You may also find it useful if you want to know how to track down relatives who are still living in Norway
  4. Emigration records & the ships of our ancestors. 100 Years of Emigrant Ships from Norway - The Solem, Swiggum and Austheim ship index is a great web site with information about the ships that brought Norwegian emigrants to the US. It also includes an excellent explanation of Norwegian emigration records and passenger list records Hunting Passenger Lists - a guide on how to trace Norwegian.

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A history of Norwegian immigration to the United States : from the earliest beginning down to the year 1848 Item Preview remove-circle Full catalog record MARCXML. plus-circle Add Review. comment. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write a review The history of Norwegian Immigration to America reached new heights as the United States recovered from the Long Depression and the second major wave of Norwegian Immigration began. The process of industrialization had resulted in the jobs of many farmers and skilled craftsmen being taken over by machines Norwegian Americans (Bokmål: Norskamerikanere, Nynorsk: Norskamerikanarar) are Americans with ancestral roots in Norway.Norwegian immigrants went to the United States primarily in the latter half of the 19th century and the first few decades of the 20th century

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Stiftelsen er medlem av det internasjonale migrasjonsnettverket AEMI - The Association of European Migration Institutions . Ny bok! Fra Dalane til Amerika [10.des.2013] Den nylig publiserte billedboken Fra Dalane til Amerika er til salgs og kan kjøpes på Utvandrersenteret Historical immigration to Norway, started in the Viking Age.The practice of Royal intermarriage was common in European aristocracies and elsewhere. Norwegian kings used to seek their wives from other Royal houses, in order to foster ties with foreign countries. See the Kings of Norway family tree.. Other historical fields linked to migrations were trade and academia, bringing workforce and. Norskamerikanere er statsborgere i USA av norsk opprinnelse.. Norske immigranter slo seg ned i USA hovedsakelig i andre halvdelen av 1800-tallet og de første tiårene i det tyvende århundre, og det finnes fremdeles mange som betegner seg som nordmenn i Amerika.. Stadig færre norskamerikanere snakker norsk, og det finnnes ikke lenger noen norskspråklig avis i USA

Norwegians in America, Some Records of the Norwegian Emigration to America: A transcribed and translated version of the 1888 Nordmændene i Amerika, Nogle Optegnelser om De Norskes Udvandring til AmerikaWritten by Knud Langeland Translated into English by Odd-Steinar Dybvad RanengTranscribed from Dano-Norwegian Gothic Emigration records Norwegian emigration records & the ships of our ancestors: Kirkebøker Norwegian parish records: Local newspapers in Norway Contact relatives in Norway by sending a query to the local newspaper in Norway where your ancestors lived! Folketelling & Manntall Norwegian census records: Ancestors from Norway Bookstor Norwegian emigration and Boston Immgration records . The Larssons. Digitalarkivet: Emigrants from Trondheim 1867-1930. [1075588/2486] Rettar til dataene: Digitalarkive Since the publication of Naeseth's five volumes, the staff at NAGC continues to add new immigrant records. The additional records can be found in the database Norwegian Immigrants 1850* and Later. Please note that immigrants in the year 1850* can possibly be found in either database (depending on when that particular record was found) Your Guide to Researching Norwegian Ancestors. Norway is a Scandinavian country and is famous (among genealogists!) for keeping good records and protecting them from destruction.. As is the case with many European countries, you need to pin-point as closely as you can where your ancestors lived when there

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  1. THE PIONEER IMMIGRATION Norwegian overseas emigration began earlier than in the other Nordic lands, commencing dramatically on July 4, 1825, with the sailing of the tiny sloop Restauration from Stavanger on the southwestern coast of Norway. The initial emigration occurred in a district with historical ties to England where the idea of emigration as an alternative to staying at home originated
  2. Of published works on Norwegian immigration which I have found especially useful are to be mentioned S. Nilsen's Billed-Magazin on causes of immigration and the earliest immigrants from Telemarken and Numedal; R. B. Anderson's First Chapter on Norwegian Immigration for the sloopers of 1825, and their descendants; Strand's History of the Norwegians in Illinois (1905) for the Norwegians in.
  3. Ha orden på alle reisedokumentene dine i god tid før du reiser. Se hvilke krav som stilles til ID og adgang til det landet du skal besøke

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  1. istration consists of several cooperating agencies. The Directorate of Immigration (UDI) is the central executive ad
  2. Here you'll find record collections, history, and genealogy resources to help you trace your Norway ancestors. Church Records, 1812-1938 (in Norwegian Bokmål) Updated: 41,391,903: Norway, Select Baptisms, 1634-1927 (in Norwegian Nynorsk) There are no Immigration & Emigration collections unique to Norway
  3. American Family Immigration History Center at Ellis Island The American Family Immigration History Center TM Immigrant arrival records, passenger records of the more than 22 million people who entered the United States through Ellis Island from 1892-1924 are available. Key data available on immigrants includes name, gender, age on arrival, marital status, ship name, port of origin, and last.
  4. Norwegian Rosmaling This photographic example of rosemaling by Vesla Harris of Warrenton, Oregon, was taken by Joanne Mulcahy in 1989 during her fieldwork for the Oregon Folklife Program. Rosemaling was originally developed in southern Norway to ornament churches, decorate walls and ceilings, and provide unique embellishments to furniture, boxes, bowls, and plates.
  5. NORWEGIAN EMIGRATION - THE DEBORA EXPEDITION A Norwegian Colonisation Undertaking. SUMMARY: The Debora Expedition sailed from Bergen in 1879 to establish a Norwegian colony on an Indian Ocean atoll called Aldabra. Census Records and other Historical Sources - Yngve Nedreb.
  6. Dedicated to the Restoration and Preservation of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
  7. Corona situation impacts immigration at the moment, please check UDI.. In general, NTNU employees have to register within 7 days of their arrival in Norway at the Service Centre for Foreign Workers (SUA). Guest researchers and researchers with own funds that will stay in Norway for more than 3 months need to book an appointment to SUA office or Trondheim Police Station in within 7 days after.

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It also covers records which reflect government policy towards immigration over the last 800 years. The National Archives is the archive of central government in the UK. The immigration records we hold were originally created by the various government departments that recorded the arrival and existence of foreign nationals in Britain, as well those that formulated the government's. The immigration pattern set by the first wave of Norwegian Americans was repeated twice more before the turn of the century. After running out of farmland in southern Minnesota, Norwegian settler-colonists moved northwest, settling around towns like Alexandria, Fergus Falls, and Thief River Falls Emigration from Finland. The majority of Finnish emigrants after late 1880s travelled by boat from Hangö to Hull and then by train to Liverpool from which the journey continued with the transatlantic steamers. Important shipping companies were the German HAPAG and Norddeutscher Lloyd, the English lines Cunard, Inman, National, Dominion, White Star, Anchor, Allan, State and Wilson

IMMIGRATION RECORDS CREATED 1925-1935. On January 1st 1925, Canada suspended the use of Form 30A Immigration forms, and resumed the use of the big sheet manifest for all ports. At The National Library & Archives of Canada, an online index has. Norwegians in America, Some Records of the Norwegian Emigration to America: A transcribed and translated version of the 1888 Nordmændene i Amerika, Nogle Optegnelser om De Norskes Udvandring til Amerika Written by Knud Langeland, Astri My Astri Publishing, 2012, www.astrimyastri.co Norwegian migration to America, 1825-1860, by Theodore C. Blegen. (OCLC 6171 ) The big ship: an autobiography, by Henry A. Larsen. (OCLC 4307878) The first chapter of Norwegian immigration, 1821-1840: its causes and results: with an introduction on the services rendered by the Scandinavians to the world and to America, b

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  1. Norwegian health authorities were sounding new alarms on Monday, after another weekend with record-high increases in new cases of Corona infection. They describe the situation as serious and warn that it's
  2. istration. The UDI implements and helps to develop the government's immigration and refugee policy. The UDI is tasked with facilitating lawful and desirable immigration and ensuring that those who meet the requirements are given an opportunity to come to Norway
  3. In the 1950s and '60s, Norwegian immigration rose again (22,806 in the 1950s; 17,371 in the '60s). But the 1970s saw a sudden slide (3,927)
  4. Australian shipping and passenger records The arrival of an ancestor in Australia is a key moment in a family's history. They may have arrived as a fare-paying passenger, as an 'assisted' migrant, a member of a ship's crew, in military or naval service, or as a convict

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Passenger arrival records can be a treasure trove of family history. These records tell us how people moved into and out of Australia. Before 1948, every passenger ship or aircraft captain provided a list of passengers on their vessel when they arrived Bestill billige flybilletter til mer enn 100 destinasjoner over hele verden på norwegian.no. Jo tidligere du bestiller, jo billigere blir flybilletten Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) in asylum cases was 66 per cent in 2017, compared to 67 per cent the previous year. In 2018, the number of asylum ap-plications has continued to be low. Declining labour migration from EU countrie Norwegian Emigration 37 whaling. For decades he was not only the acknowledged economic kingpin of the city's expanding Norwegian community, but also a mainstay in its cultural life. Egeland was not the first Norwegian to arrive in Natal unintentionally, however. In 1876 a party of twenty-four sailed in the employ of the Britis The Norwegian Emigrant Museum is the only museum and research center in Norway which, in its entirety, focuses on Norwegian emigrant history. Since 1825, over one million Norwegians have emigrated from Norway. Of those who emigrated, about 80 % traveled to the United States, 5 % to Canada, and the other 15 % to almost every other country in the world.   The museum consists of an open-air.

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These Norwegian genealogy research realities may seem a little intimidating, but they're not insurmountable with some help. Fortunately, help is plentiful and easily accessible on websites chock full of digitized Norwegian records and databases, language guides, surname advice and more Norwegian identification number. In Norway, the public authorities and other organisations require you to have a Norwegian identification number. You must notify us when you move. You are obliged to notify us when you move to ensure that your address in the National Registry is correct

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Applying online and by mail, status, request a criminal record certificate, renewed background check. Firearms Travel out of Norway with a firearm, travel to Norway with a hunting or competition firerarm, firerarms pass Norwegian Migration to America. The American Transition, Northfield 1940; Grass Roots History, Port Washington (NY) 1947; Frontier Parsonage. The Letters of Olaus Fredrik Duus, Norwegian Pastor in Wisconsin, 1855-1858, Northfield 1947; With Various Voices. Recordings of North Star Life (sm.m. P. D. Jordan), St. Paul 1949; The Land Lies Open. With over 310,000 records covering 1788 to the late 1800s across Australia and New Zealand, our travel and migration records are a great genealogy tool for learning more about your ancestry. The Convict Arrivals in New South Wales is built from government indent records and holds the details of 97,797 convicts who arrived in New South Wales between 1788 and 1842 Welcome to CentOS The Community ENTerprise Operating System. CentOS is an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution derived from sources freely provided to the public by Red Hat, Inc. for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. CentOS conforms fully with the upstream vendors redistribution policy and aims to be functionally compatible (68 kB) This is also confirmation of the criminal record certificate's purpose. Both you and your school must sign the application. If you are not yet 18 years old, a parent or guardian must also sign the form. Do not apply for a criminal record certificate until you know where you will be doing your work experience

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A Select Bibliography of Works: Norwegian-American Immigration and Local History; Cyndi's List: Immigration & Naturalization; Swiss Immigration To Wisconsin Project 1826-1900. Naturalization. Naturalization records have been filed primarily in municipal, county, circuit, supreme, and U.S. district courts Use keywords, e.g. immigr* (for immigrants, immigration) and a place or subject. For federal government records, add the record group number to your keyword search, e.g. RG17, RG76, RG26. Those three Record Groups contain records relating to immigration and citizenship policy and administration. Digitized Microforms. Border Entry, 1908-1918. Norwegian Immigration Association, Inc. ( NIA ) har 919 medlemmer. The Norwegian Immigration Association, Inc. ( NIA ) collects and preserves the history.. Deportation and warrant files dating before April 1, 1944 may be found among the immigration case and correspondence files now stored at the National Archives (NARA) in Washington, DC as part of Record Group 85 (Entry 9, RG 85, Records of the INS).. Exclusion files, or files related to a Board of Special Inquiry (BSI) hearing from the first half of the twentieth century, are also part of the. The Norwegian Government has since March 2020 implemented extensive restrictions on entry into Norway due to the spread of COVID-19. Foreigners who do not hold a valid residence permit in Norway or are in one of the visa categories mentioned below, will be rejected at the border and refused entry into Norway under provisions of a Norwegian law relating to the control of communicable diseases

2025: National Jubilee of the Bicentennial of Norwegian Emigration The first organized emigration from Norway took place in 1825 when the sloop Restauration left Stavanger for America with 52 Norwegian passengers. Since that time about 900,000 Norwegians have emigrated to North America

Special Offers: Book Now for Huge Savings and Cheap Flight Tickets There are no pages that use this file. File:Exploring Norwegian Emigration Records Finding Place of Origin L Anderson 2017-143340-I Aug 2017 JMR.pd Naturalization, immigration and passenger records are also vital tools that can be searched locally and online to discover when your ancestors arrived in the U.S. and from where in Norway they came. Once you discover (unless you already know) what town your ancestors come from in Norway, you can take your search to Norway and search their vital records A History of Norwegian Immigration to the United States: From the Earliest Beginning Down to the Year 1848 Genealogy from the Heartland: Authors: George Tobias Flom, Flom: Edition: reprint: Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Com, 2002: ISBN: 0806351489, 9780806351483: Length: 389 pages: Subject

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Norwegian Ancestry offers research and advice on all aspects of Norwegian genealogy to clients from all over the world. We regularly publish books and articles about Norwegian genealogy in various formats including Kindle. Read Mor Your FREE genealogy starting point with more than 337,000 genealogy links, categorized & cross-referenced, in more than 200 categories

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The Norwegian Consulate General in Houston is actively engaged in strengthening economic, commercial, cultural, and scientific ties between Norway and the US, and provides consular services to Norwegian citizens in the South Eastern Region of the United States, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands Norwegian economy. Economic Survey 2-2020. 25 September 2020. The recovery of the Norwegian economy continues after the sharpest contraction in recent times. As a consequence of the outbreak of the coronavirus in Norway and subsequent lockdown of many activities The Norwegian Tax Administration will check your identity when you apply for a Norwegian identification number. We use cookies. This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse or pressing the button below, you approve of this for analytic purposes . Do not track me Agree. To to Immigration Records at the US National Archives Passenger Departure Records (from the USA) U.S., Departing Passenger and Crew Lists, 1914-1966 (at Ancestry/fee-based) Note: most of the records in this database are for the mid 20th century. Some of the records in this database are for airplane departures from various cities in the US

Brooklyn, NY Norwegian Independence Day celebration Before the 19th century, the people of the Scandinavian lands—Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland—had often visited North America. Some came for exploration, some came to launch colonial adventures, and some came to stay and follow their faith. But by the end of the United States' first century of existence, Scandinavians began. Citizens of Denmark, Sweden or Finland may give notification to become a Norwegian citizen, as well. There is no fee associated with this kind of citizenship schema. To become a citizen by application, there are many more requirements. The fee to apply for Norwegian citizenship is NOK 2,500, according to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration Siden 1825 har over en million nordmenn utvandret fra Norge. Migrasjonsmuseet forteller deres historier. Om utvandring, hjemvandring og innvandring; en bevegelse som aldri tar slutt First, the thesis discusses the conditions for migration to Queensland. Secondly, it examines the migratory process itself. It then moves on to an analysis of the Norwegian settlement in Queensland, with particular focus on employment, settlement patterns and ethnic adjustment Get this from a library! Norwegians in America : some records of the Norwegian emigration to America : a transcribed and translated version of the 1888 Nordmaendene i Amerika, nogle optegnelser om de Norskes udvandring til Amerika. [Knud Langeland; Dybvad Odd-Steinar Raneng; Benjamin Keith Huntrods; Odd S Lovoll; Deb Nelson Gourley] -- A brief history of the Norwegian immigration to America

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Immigration & Naturalization - Find Your Ancestors. NARA Records for Passenger Lists to North America, 1820 to 1957 - List of microfilm reels and what is on each ; Immigration to USA Before 1820 Finding Your Ancestor on Passenger Lists ; Immigration to USA After 1820 Finding Your Ancestor on Passenger Lists ; The Importance of the Hamburg Passenger Lists for European Immigration to USA 1850-193 The crew of a Norwegian fishing boat yesterday gave notice of a posible encounter with an alien submarine a few miles West of Bodoe. The millitary sent out the maritime surveillance plane P3 Orion searching. There has been a record high 2.45 million guest nights in June 2016 in Norwegian. Genealogy Records Search Search for your ancestors by record type. Search by Location Search for your ancestors by country. Free Genealogy Free genealogy resources: charts, lessons, software, databases, look ups, relationship charts, form letters, translation services. Ancestry.com Coupons & Deal

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Her kan du bla i skannede arkiver i Riksarkivet og statsarkivene. Oslo byarkiv og enkelte andre arkivdepoter er også representert. Noen kategorier arkivmateriale har spesialinnganger - se nedenfor Table 4 - U. S. Ports Having Records of the Customs Service, 1820 - circa 1891 ( NARA Record Group 36) 4.3.4 Using books and other published records 4.4 Castle Garden - Information about Castle Garden, the immigration center for New York - 1855 to 189 As our ancestors moved from one country to another, details about their lives were recorded on passenger lists and government documents. Immigration and emigration records can help you learn where your ancestors originally came from, where they went, when they left, who they traveled with, and more Immigration Records: Scottish Immigrants to North America, 1600s-1800s Irish & British Immigrants to America, 1870-1872 Vol. 2 Irish Immigrants to North America, 1803-187 So far transcribed are the records of the Natal Immigration Board 1850 to May 1911; Cape Archives IBC 6 series, passenger lists of emigrant ships 1858 to 1861, PWD 2-401 to 420 from 1873 to 1884, PWD 2-753 from 1872-1876 and PWD 2-756 from 1884-1885; British Mail (a monthly newspaper) January 1879 to September 1881; The Colonies & India (a weekly newspaper) April 1883 to December 1888; The.

US Ports of Entry - their Immigration Records and Passenger Lists - A Genealogy Guide by Joe Beine Below is a list of many United States sea ports and land border ports that have published immigration records (passenger arrival lists) 1820-1957, organized by state Sweden Passenger Lists and Other Records. The Emigranten Populär database of Swedish passengers travelling to North America but also to Argentina, Australia and New Zealand, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway and Russia covers the following records Similar Items. Norwegian emigrant songs and ballads Author: Blegen, Theodore Christian, 1891-1969. Published: (1936) The early Norwegian press in America Author: Blegen, Theodore Christian, 1891-1969. Published: (1920 emigration - translate into Norwegian with the English-Norwegian Dictionary - Cambridge Dictionar

How to Find Your Norwegian Relatives - MyHeritage BlogBooks on Monday: Free! "A history of Norwegian immigration

If your ancestors emigrated after 1868 you may be able to find information regarding them in the Copenhagen Police Records of Emigrants. They would, however, only be listed if they purchased a contract-ticket from an Emigration Agent with an office in Copenhagen Norwegian Migration to America: The American November October official Oleana party passengers Peerson period pioneer population Prairie present published Quakers reached received Records region religious remained reports result returned River Rynning seems September settled settlement settlers ship situation spring Stavanger Studies tells. Use our online FOIA system to request your own immigration record, another person's immigration record, or non-A-File information such as policies, data, or communications. Electronic Reading Room. Our Electronic Reading Room helps you search for information identified under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Immigration to the United States reached its peak in the 19th century in the decade 1880-89 when immigration reached 5,248,568. The first decade of the 20th century saw another record with 8,202,388 people entering the country. Emigration to the United States reached a record level in 1907 when total arrivals in American ports reached 1,285,000 Museumsnett er i dag en samling av museer, stiftelser o.l. i Norge. Informasjon hentes fra ulike kilder som skribenter, wikipedia, museenes hjemmesider This collection contains various Swedish emigration records from 1783-1951. Specifically it includes the following five databases: 1. EmiHamn: Passengers traveling to North America (with a few to Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, and Russia) from: Göteborg, 1869-1951 (1,135,888 records CASTLE GARDEN: America's First Immigration Center. Castlegarden.org is a free database developed and funded by The Battery Conservancy. It contains and makes available eleven million records of immigrants who arrived at the Port of New York from 1820 - 1892

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Theodore Christian Blegen (født 16. juli 1891, død 18. juli 1969) var en amerikansk historiker og forfatter.Blegen var forfatter av flere historiske referansebøker og artikler skrevet gjennom fem ti-år. Hans primære områder og fokus var Minnesotas historie og norske immigranter * Ancestry.com and Ancestry.ca have Canadian Immigration & Naturalization Records online such as Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 passenger lists of ships arriving in various Canadian ports, as well as a few eastern U.S. ports, from 1865-1935. Information listed in these records includes: name of passenger, age, gender, marital status,. Norwegian capital tightens coronavirus restrictions including ban on serving alcohol . A strict new round of coronavirus restrictions are to be introduced in Oslo from Monday, as 545 new cases of Covid-19 have been registered in Norway's capital in recent days

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Trump's Desire For More Immigrants From Norway Has Historical Precedent : Goats and Soda Back in the 19th century, Norwegians began coming to the United States in droves. And they were among the. Two new Immigrant Stories have been added to our website: niahistory.org—These are authentic, moving personal stories about their family's life as Immigrants. They give a good cross section of.. Translation for: 'emigration' in English->Norwegian dictionary. Search nearly 14 million words and phrases in more than 470 language pairs

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