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Shisui was going blind and gave his eyes before he loses his vision. Before he gave his eye to Itachi he did Kotoamatsukami on Itachi and made Itachi to kill him. As you remember Itachi said that last time he saw Shisui was when Danzo already has taken one eye, but because Shisui used Kotoamatsukami, Itachi can't remember that he killed Shisui Shisui entrusting his remaining eye to Itachi. Fearing that Danzō was right in Shisui's inability to stop the Uchiha's revolt and that the elder would continue to pursue his left eye as well, Shisui entrusted it to Itachi, telling him to protect both the village and the Uchiha name. Shisui wrote a suicide note telling his clan he cannot follow through with the coup d'etat, but his clan's. This is the part where Shisui talks to itachi about the fate of the uchiha and ends up giving him his other eye. This was taken from Naruto Shippuden ultimat..

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  1. Background . Shisui wanted to use his Mangekyō Sharingan's Kotoamatsukami to stop the Uchiha clan from carrying out their planned coup d'état against Konohagakure.Before he could do so, his right Mangekyō was taken by Danzō Shimura.Fearful that Danzō would also take his left eye and use it for ill purposes, Shisui removed his remaining eye and entrusted it to his best friend, Itachi.
  2. Why didn't Itachi implement Shisui's eye in one of his eyes? He could have used it to manipulate akatsuki members do to good things. And i dont get the 10 year cooldown. Does that only apply to third party users or what. 52 comments. share. save hide report. 79% Upvoted. This thread is archived
  3. when Shisui killed himself he gave Itachi one of his Eye. My question is why didn`t Itachi used this Eye on his father to prevent that Uchiha will attack the village? I know that you can use Shisuis Visual Jutsu once every 10 Years, but he didn t used it or am i wrong ? edit: If there was a 10 year cooldown on it once Itachi received the Eye.
  4. So he decided to remove himself from the equation and place his eyes in the hand of someone he trusted. Danzo got one and I think against Shisui's will, but he was able to give one to Itachi. But Shisui wanted to die on his own terms that way if it got messy, he would have control over what happened to his eyes
  5. Shisui tried to use his Genjutsu prowess on the village elders to stop the anhilation of Uchihas, but Danzo overpowered him and stole his eye. Shisui managed to get away but lost an eye. He didn't want any other power monger to get hold of his other Mangekyo Sharingan and thus entrusted it to Itachi, because he knew he believed in the same ideals

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Shisui knew that Itachi would have make best use of his eye, so he gave it to him. level 1. Semi-01. 8 points · 8 months ago. He didn't want anyone who was corrupted (the Uchiha / Leaf) to get their hands on a op ass jutsu, Kotomatsukami Itachi Uchiha (Japanese: うちは イタチ, Hepburn: Uchiha Itachi) is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.Itachi is the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha and is responsible for killing all the members of their clan, sparing only his younger brother Sasuke. He appears working as a terrorist from the organization Akatsuki and serves as Sasuke's. His best friend Shisui Uchiha, thought initially to use Kotoamatsukami, his Mangekyo Sharingan genjutsu to force negotiation. Yet Danzo stole his eye before Shisui could perform his genjutsu and so before he drowned himself, Shisui left Itachi with his other eye and the burden of the clan. At this point in time, Itachi was 13 years old Shisui didn't flee by himself but he was saved by Itachi who arrived and shushined away. Shisui knew that Itachi's mangekyou would awaken if he was to die in front of Itachi. So he gave his eye to Itachi and Jumped into the NAKA river Danzo, Itachi, Shisui all loved Konoha all three did everything they could to protect even self sacrificing. Shisui knew Itachi had the mission to eliminate the entire Uchiha clan, he knew his time was coming when he had to die and he didn't want to follow through the Uchiha plan to take over Konoha and everything would turn to chaos as Madara explained to Sasuke

Danzo had stolen one of his eyes before Shisui could have given it to Itachi. An Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan has never been created with just one eye; it has always been pairs of eyes.. Also, one other condition for the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan is that there has to be very strong blood ties between two people Shisui withdrew as he knew Danzo would try steal his other eye too. Then Danzo gave Itachi almost little choice in killing his clan, and in doing so, received the power of the Sharingan. Shaz , Jun 20, 201

The reason why Shisui gave Itachi the other eye is cause they were friends, and as Danzo might have been Shisui's superior, there wasn't enough trust. Everything Danzo did was for the good of Konoha, but he was power-hungry and cruel kinda -Watch in HD for best quality. This video is just my opinion..... so feel free to comment, rank or send a video response with your opinion. -Please SUBSCRIB.. Did Itachi want Sasuke to take his eyes after he died? Question. I know that Itachi's plan was to free Sasuke from his curse mark and make him unlock ms but did he also plan to let sasuke take his own eyes to unlock ems? 12 comments. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted I know exactly what itachi gave naruto and if you recall a crow entered naruto, well that crow had the eye of shisui inserted in it( for those who don't know shisui type is name on wiki) now this. Itachi beat the Anbu's greatest ninja in some 8-9 yrs old(if Im correct) and itachi was on par with shisui in speed, ninjutsu,genjutsu(except kotoamatsukami), taijutsu etc he was even with shisui throughout thier taijutsu fights itachi couldnt beat him thats all the gap is not as big as you guys make it to be

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  1. Itachi said the last time he saw Shisui, Danzou had already taken one eye. So, the eye that wasn't there (on page 12), was the one Danzou took, not the one he was giving to Itachi. And Itachi did kill Shisui, the only thing that's changed is that Shisui let Itachi kill him, before, we thought Itachi murdered him
  2. Why did itachi give naruto the mysterious power? Asked by Wiki User. 1 2 3. Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered . 2011-06-10 03:48:19 2011-06-10 03:48:19
  3. Why does itachi give Sasuke his eyes? Top Answer. Wiki User. 2012-03-07 15:31:34 2012-03-07 15:31:34. spoiler. the thing is that sasuke took itachi's eyes after he was dead becuase of his over use.
  4. Why did Itachi kill his parents? Now it was just Itachi, there was no one else, he had to do something to save Konoha from the coup d'état. Itachi was on the brink of defeat. Taking the final words of Shisui Uchiha he decided to protect the Uchiha name as well as Konoha safely. It sucked but the only way to do it was through sacrifice
  5. Few characters in Naruto captivated to the degree that Itachi did. Even those who aren't the biggest fans of the series can't argue against what a great character he was. He had so much depth and intrigue, layers that you don't often see with a Shounen antagonist or even protagonist for that matter.. RELATED: Naruto: 5 Characters You Didn't Know Itachi Could Beat ( & 5 He Stands No Chance Against

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Why didn't Itachi implement Shisui's eye in one of his

To understand the story's themes, you have to understand why Itachi committed an unspeakable atrocity. The short answer is that Itachi Uchiha killed his family to protect his homeland. The long. 1. Shisui didn't die in the massacre, he died before it, giving it the eye. 2. Shisui was like a brother to itachi, not a lover. 3. He wasn't ever hinted to do fusion dances with his friends.

shisui got his eye torn out by danzo. so no hes not fast. We don't know exactly under what circunstances that happened and not even who helped Danzo in accomplishing that Shisui's left eye emerges during the war from Naruto's mouth due to Itachi's setup. Kabuto also hears Itachi talk about the use of Hashirama's cells to reduce Kotoamatsukami's reactivation time. He hoped to grab it for his own use Danzo Shimura did not approve of this idea, and decided to take away Shisui's eyes. He was successful in stealing one of his eyes, but then Shisui escaped and defeated a lot of root ninja's in the process. Then Shisui Uchiha committed suicide and gave his other eye to Itachi Uchiha

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What Naruto didn't know was that Shisui and Itachi were having a conversation by using their eyes. 'Did you know that happened when you used your chakra asked Itachi as he felt his pulse race. 'No, I have never felt it happen before' spoke Shisui believing he knew why his eyes lit up more than Itachi's did Yes, Sasuke did get Itachi's eyes, but both of Itachi's eyes were his own. Itachi carried Shisui's eye in one of his crows as seen in the Naruto, Killer Bee, and Itachi versus Nagato fight. Itachi's crow had Shisui's eye when Itachi died, so Sasuke had no way of getting Shisui's eye since only Itachi can summon it Itachi did not give his powers to Naruto. Instead, he gave a crow with a Sharingan implanted in one of its eyes to Naruto. That Sharingan was Shisui's Sharingan which had the ability to brainwash.

Itachi answered coolly as he kept his eyes fixed on yours. Shisui gave you the same nervous chuckle from outside and Itachi softened his gaze. Notes: I promise you guys I did NOT expect to be gone this long. A LOT has happened and I am so sorry for being so terrible about updating The Kumo Sharingan. When Shisui Uchiha finds Naruto broken and alone, he cares for and trains Naruto. On the night of his death, Shisui gives his eye to Naruto instead of Itachi, trusting that Naruto will be able to help protect his loved ones with it Itachi's blush worsened, his eyes dropping to the floor in embarrassment. The electrifying back drop maxe the black symbols stand out, and the glimmer of Shisui's eye gave it a glazed finishz she couldn't seem to take her eyes off of it. The sharingan was beautiful Itachi narrowed his eyes visibly and kicked her in the leg with his foot through his sleeping bag. She knew that'd get a rise out of him. Besides, she didn't care - only Itachi could kick her like that without her wanting to give him a good punch. He closed his eyes again, breathing heavily. I'm tired, Itachi simply said. Shisui stared Itachi did the same with him, soft and warm lips upon Shisui's own, one of his most rare smiles on his face, one of the most beautiful ones. Happy birthday. Was what Itachi whispered right against his lips, and Shisui did not cry, but he was close to it. Kakashi huffed from his right, a hand coming up to flicker Shisui on the nose

Why did Shisui kill himself or give up his eyes again

  1. Shisui was noted to be one of the most talented members of the Uchiha clan. At some point in the past, he fought withAo. Ao retains an acute memory of Shisui's chakra and ability to control others with his Sharingan. Shortly after joining the ANBU, Itachi began to act oddly, and Shisui was instructed by the Konoha Military Police Force to keep tabs on him. Soon afterwards Shisui was found.
  2. Shisui smiled at Itachi before getting up and moving back to your side, By the way, (Y/n) already knows of the real reason why you did what you did. She plans on telling Sasuke the truth and I agree with her. Itachi looked at you then at Shisui, opening his mouth to say something before Shisui gave him a look, Don't even bother arguing
  3. Danzo is one of the most hated characters in Naruto, you know why! The whole life of Danzo is a mystery, the rise of root, why it was created, how did danzo get so many sharingan etc. In episode number 358 in shippuden, danzo stole one of Shisui's eyes as he didn't trust Shisui and thought that even he would betray the village. The truth is that ass didn't trust anyone other than himself.
  4. He'll have back his other eye, but Shisui will make sure to implant total loyalty in him just like he did with Itachi and Kakashi when everything started. The Hokage Guard Platoon should have three members after all, it was only fitting that his brother should be part of it

You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Sign in. Corruption In Disguise. Lv 4. 8 years ago. itachi did kill shisui, that activated his MS, him killing himself was just a cover, read on the wiki, it'll show you all you And when kakashi killed Rin he activated the MS and since it activated in his eye it also activated. -Shisui must make eye contact to use Koto, like the crow did to Itachi. -this is alive Itachi but he's healthy and not suffering from blindness or disease They start 15 yards apart with their. The boy almost never looked himself in the mirror, but he didn't need that to know that his eyes were light blue, not the same as his Itachi-nii, Shisui-nii san and those red-eyed stuck up bastards who, accordingly to the blond and Shisui, considered themselves more important than Kami himself because of their eyes Itachi Uchiha is the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha. He is the son of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha. He was of the Uchiha Clan of Konohagakure and eventually became a Konoha missing-nin. He was a. Shisui kept a hand on Itachi's shoulder. I believe in you Itachi.. That's why I can trust you with the future of the village and my will.. Itachi held Shisui's eye in his hand as he made his resolve. Shisui stepped back. Well.. Looks like my time has come.. Itachi.. He stepped a bit further back, reaching the edge of cliff

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Shisui gave his life and eyes in order to protect his home the village of Konoha, serving as an ANBU Black ops member. His Mangekyou Sharingan is one of the most powerful in all the Uchiha clan. Itachi asked me to come back. Is it true? Hiruzen asked. Riko tilted her head in a question. You really didn't kill Shisui? She shook her head. Then why? Ah. Danzo must have gone after Shisui's eyes, didn't he? You did it to try and stop the coup

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Unimpressed, Shisui gave him a look, his sleek raven brow arching subtly on his angular face as he stood from the white wrought iron table and chair. He set his napkin down upon the cutlery and plate at his setting. Be right back, said Shisui, a particular light in his eye. Under his breath, Itachi let out a soft, unhappy sigh Shisui in Konohagakure's standard attire. Bearing stark resemblance to his father, Shisui also had short, unkempt, dark-colored hair and a relatively broad nose and well-defined eyelashes, that were turned upwards at each end.Similar to Itachi, Shisui had pronounced tear-troughs under his eyes, though they were not as long as the former's Shisui throws all the kunais at target. All the kunais hits the bullseye, and Itachi is surprised to see it. Shisui grabs more kunais from his pocket and throws them randomly in the air. He draws out more kunais and hit the previous kunais to redirect their trajectory. All the kunais hits the bullseye. Itachi's eyes are shining at this point. Just got done with the itachi retcon arc. What was itachi's plan here exactly? They say that he show... - /a/ - Anime & Manga is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to the discussion of Japanese animation and manga

Shisui removed his left eye and entrusted it to Itachi, by telling him to protect both the village and the Uchiha name. In order to prevent conflict from arising over his eyes within the clan, Shisui wrote a suicide note telling his clan he cannot follow through with the coup d'etat Meeting Itachi on a cliff, leaving him with no choice, Shisui gave his left eye to Itachi and left everything for him to solve the conflict between the village and the Uchiha Clan. In the end, he killed himself by jumping down the cliff, not wanting to cause a bigger conflict because of his right eye stolen by Danzo

Itachi returned the trench coat to it's owner but claimed Shisui's leather coat as his own, Shisui did not care in the slightest, knowing he would just turn up the heat on the drive home. The trio shuffled towards the car, Itachi between the two sports enthusiasts For a while Itachi let him. But his cousin was beginning to show no signs of leaving and his angry aura and periodic sighs of irritation made it impossible for Itachi to meditate. Shisui, what is wr-? She did it again! he burst out. Itachi knew his cousin was referring to his girlfriend, but he raised a brow at his impatient tone Indeed Itachi had murdered Shisui in order to obtain his Mangekyo Sharingan and had forged the suicide note. However, he denied involvement at the time, and due to his mission of stopping the revolution being secret, he instead acted disrespectful towards his clansmen, as though he was beginning to lose faith with the clan's incessant need for their rules and regulations

Itachi did lose Shisui because Danzos wanted his Sharingan Eyes. Danzo got already one at the begin but after that he couldnt take the second. Shisui gave his second Sharingan eye Itachi. And did kill himself Shisui. 3. Im wearing already the skin and i will wear the another stuff too. 4 Shisui Uchiha, who was hailed as the strongest Uchiha of his time, claimed that Itachi would go on to surpass him and would be the one to protect the Uchiha name. A pacifist at heart, Itachi did not actually like fighting and would avoid it when he could

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Itachi came and sat by his friend's side. Shisui did not reply anything. He just sat there near the pond rocking Sayuri in his lap. She had awoken early in the morning screaming and calling out for her mother. Her eyes looked dazed and forlorn. Shisui, it's time. Everyone's waiting. Itachi said once more and placed an arm around his shoulder. Shisui entrusts his remaining eye to Itachi in case it will prove useful and so that Danzō cannot have it; he calls on a passing crow, implants his eye within it, and instructs it to follow Itachi. Shisui explains that he awakened his Mangekyō by killing his closest friend: shortly after the Third Shinobi World War ended, he and the friend were on a mission that was much too difficult for. However, Shisui gave his eye to Itachi meaning that he was able to preserve a human eye and keep it in a functioning condition for nearly a decade. It's unknown if Itachi kept this eye in exceptional condition solely through scientific means or if he was able to use his chakra to preserve it, but either way, it's an impressive feat Sasuke doesn't have the ability to replicate Tobi could have taken Danzo out anytime he wanted to, that's why he was laughing at his amateur usage of Izanagi. And the eye was working at the end when Tobi got right in front of Danzo. And he had plenty of time to use it if he wanted to, since it had ben working ever since he unwrapped it and Tobi noticed the eye was working and wondered if he would use it genjutsu or izanagi Shisui Uchiha Application by Xyfo . 6 replies . Xyfo. Posts: 6 . Votes: +8 . Untagged users. Write your information IGN: Xyfo Rank: Uchiha ANBU Elements: Fire, Wind, Water Why you want to be this character.

in Naruto (spoiler) why did Itachi incinerate Shisui's eye

  1. Shisui looks at at Itachi, his eyes are full of curiosity, followed by a chuckle, saying: I have already handed over the words and letters to Lord-Hokage. He agreed to your request and hopes to see you right away. It is not surprising that Hachig has such a reaction. He stared at Shisui, who took a kunai from the ninja bag that.
  2. itachi destroy shisui's eye, itachi shisui death, itachi and shisui vs danzo, itachi and shisui drawing, shisui uchiha gives itachi his eye, itachi e shisui ita, itachi and shisui edit, itachi and.
  3. people normally commit suicide because they don't want to live anymore. like shisui said in his suicide note. Trúth Active member. Legendary. Joined Mar 23, 2014 Messages 12,293 Kin 0 Kumi 2,708 Trait Points 0⚔️ Awards. Jun 30, 2014 #6 Lol Danzo was going to come after his other eye, so he gave it to Itachi. We can assume he didnt.

Why didn't Itachi give Shisui Uchiha's Sharingan Eye to

  1. Masashi Kishimoto has created Perfect Susano`o's for Itachi and Shisui to level the playing field in Storm 4! instead of this they could give us sound 4 :I god damn it kurenai, anko, and a lot more. J Walk. What did my eyes just see.
  2. After Danzo had claimed one of his eyes, Shisui gave the other to Itachi before drowning in the Naka River. For more info on a specific pair be sure to click through on one of the lenses you're interested in buying for a more in depth character bio
  3. Naruto Shippuden 298 once again proves why Itachi is such a bad ass! Naruto and Killer Bee against Itachi and Nagato! They all meet, unfortunately Itachi and Nagato are being controlled by Kabuto. However, using Shisui Uchiha's Eyes, Itachi is fully able to escape Kabuto's grasp and able to do as he wishes. Unfortunately, Kabut
  4. itachi killed him. that's how itachi activated his mangekyo sharingan. or so it's said since nobody but itachi knows exactly how he died. but the sharingan stays in the body. somehow danzo got a hold of shisui's body & took the sharingan & right arm. how or when he got a hold of that is unknown. =
  5. d gradually had a clear comprehension

As did Shisui's. We don't even know how many techniques Madara had from his. I'm personally not a fan of this inconsistency in what techniques awaken and how many Shisui entrusted his left eye to Itachi Uchiha and told him to protect the village. He then made it appear as though he had crushed his own eyes in order to prevent a feud over his eyes and erased his existence, though it was thought that he was drowned by Itachi in the Naka River. When activated, Shisui's Mangekyō Sharingan has four points

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You And I {Itachi} Fanfiction. Most of us have heard about Itachi murdering his lover during the night of the massacre, but not many of us knows who she really was. We don't know how she met him, about her friendship with Itachi, or almost anything actually. This is her story, an... #itachi #love #lover #massacre #murder #naruto #sasuke #shisui. Shisui looked at Itachi, then said Itachi, could you do me a favour and take Naruto home. Help him to get some rest. I'll meet you in the clan head's office. See ya. Shisui disappeared. Itachi gave a look to Naruto, touched his shoulder, and they both disappeared, leaving the old training ground in silence. (Uchiha Clan Head Office

Why did shisui kill himself? : Narut

He left Shisui's eye inside Naruto which would activate if Sasuke, possessing Itachi's eyes, were to become a threat to Konoha and would cast him into a genjutsu to protect the village instead. He had to use Shisui's eye on himself instead after Kabuto resurrects him with Edo Tensei which helped Itachi regain control of his body. Heartbroken. Shisui nodded, took the letter that Itachi handed him from his arms and handed it to Minato, saying: This is the letter that Itachi gave you. Minato expression took the letter seriously, took it apart, and his eyes fell on it. There are not many words on the letter, only a few lines Who was Shisui Uchiha and what did he do? He was Itachi's bestfriend who gave him his eyes and committed suicide. 4 Who killed Itachi? Sasuke Danzo Orochimaru-sama Uchiha Obito 5 Which Jutsu's were Itachi's best? Susanoo, Ameterasu, Izanami. Like most his sharingan enabled him to predict enemy movements, have an enhanced perception and see chakra. However, Itachi also had a special ability in his extreme proficiency in genjutsu, which allowed him to use Izanami (the lesser version of Izanagi). Itachi awaked his mangekyou sharingan after the death of his friend Shisui Uchiha

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He implanted Shisui's left eye(his mangekyou sharingan) into a crow, which he gifted to Naruto.Uchiha Shisui's ultimate genjutsu was the Koto Amatsukami.It was designed to manipulate people in their absolute conciousness without even people realizing it that they are being manipulated, despite being 100% concious.Itachi gave the crow with Shisui's eye to Naruto as a gift so that incase. The specifics of his fate are vague beyond the fact that he did die and Shisui Uchiha is one of his descendants. 11 he asked Madara to take his eyes, which resulted in Madara awakening the Itachi was forced to massacre his entire clan in order to save his little brother. Itachi Uchiha possessed the Mangekyou Sharingan that gave him the. Itachi, this is Haruki. Haru-chan, this is Itachi. Haruki smiled at the little boy who greeted her and Shisui at the compound gate. Itachi couldn't have been older than ten, but according to Shisui, he was already a fully fledged chūnin in his own right. Nice to meet you, Itachi, greeted Haruki warmly, bowing at the young boy Shisui wanted to change the subject then asked itachi:so, how is Sasuke, is he still insisting on working alone, Itachi didn't lift his eyes from his papers and answered:I tried to talk to him, even father tried to talk to him but he didn't accept, he wants to build up his own dream, and I will not stop him, Shisui only smiled then said while getting up to leave: you did well Itachi.

The abilities of his eyes remained unknown, however, it is known that his eye was powerful enough to control the Nine-tails, had he willed it. 7 STRONGEST: Obito Uchiha Obito Uchiha was one of the strongest Uchiha to ever exist who awakened his Mangekyo Sharingan during the Third Great Ninja War after witnessing Rin die So how'd Shisui get his. next Tobi was told to have helped in the massacre of the Uchiha clan. Which also explains why he has so many Sharingan locked away. But how can a blind man fight? Izuna could do it and did it very well as said by the wikia. Izuna's loss of his eyes rendered him blind, but he managed to survive, and continued to battle Various characters have implied that his skill with Amaterasu surpasses Itachi's, as he is able to control the flames with his right eye, although both can extinguish them. He suffers from the same drawbacks from using it as Itachi did, as his eye is strained to the point of bleeding, as well as his eyesight gradually began to deteriorate Shisui enrusted his left eye with his friend Uchiha Itachi, who implanted the eye in a crow. This crow he later implanted into Naruto, with the added command that upon seeing Itachi's Mangekyou eye again, it would cast the command Protect Konoha back at the Mangekyou holder If Sasuke has Itachi's eyes then whose eyes did Itachi have when he was reanimated? His own. The Mangekyou transplant only gave Sasuke power equal to that of Itachi's Mangekyou, He also used it on Shisui's eye as to leave no possible evidence behind for Kabuto to Edo Tensei shisui

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